Welcome To Watchmen South Africa

We manage a database of defaulting individuals & companies leading to poor service delivery – impacting on individuals, companies and the economy of the country as a whole.

We stand for the “Good Guy” – Let’s do away with the chancers and persons/companies who make our lives miserable!

You can “red list” individuals and companies on the Watchmen database by submitting an incident and rate the level of urgency/risk to warn other individuals/companies to prevent possible future incidents and subsequent losses.

This information is kept highly confidential and only relevant data is released on request to registered subscribers.

Individuals who move from one company to the next, committing white and blue collar crime, which is not always brought to book – companies today rather have an employee resign than terminate their employment due to risk of CCMA claims.

We are a passionate and committed team offering the benefit of protection to our registered customers.

We strive to have more job opportunities available for well deserving persons by ensuring the non-deserving individuals are red listed and thereby removed from the market.

Many South Africans find themselves jobless Let us prevent the “bad apples” of society finding jobs time and time again, just to perform crime or not perform at all, impacting on companies, individuals and our economy.

We are NOT Judge or Jury.

We only record happenings & incidents logged with us to report back to our registered customers, who then have the opportunity to weigh their risks and make informed Decisions should they hire/employ any company/individual recorded in our database.


Watchmen is dedicated to ensuring poor service delivery, fraud and crime are stamped out by introducing a very different approach to address the root causes. We strive to reduce the levels of everyday poor service delivery, fraud and crime in our environment, to ensure an optimum functioning society and ultimately country.


South Africans are “black listed” for not paying their accounts, but there are crimes far worse. The “red list” database is for all other offences and delinquencies such as fraud; corruption; blackmail; child and animal abuse; bad paying tenants; incidents of road rage; job applicants who lie on their CV’s; etc.