How do we operate?

Two options available:

  1. A yearly subscription to register for the use of our database – the benefit is unlimited posts and requests for information.
  2. Once off posts of incidents or requests for reports on companies/individuals

The Process to Report an “Incident” is as follows:

  • Submit a report via e-mail or from our web site accompanied by a company letterhead and any proof of the bad service/incident (photos, recordings etc).
  • All submittals need to be classified in risk categories of ratings 1 to 5.
    • 1 – low incident/low risk,
    • 2 – relative low
    • 3 – medium
    • 4- bad/high
    • 5- Very bad record/very high risk.

The Process to Request a Report from our database is as follows:

  • TAT = 48 hours to allow proper preparation.
  • Report back by e-mail
  • Report supplied once payment has been received or proof of payment has been supplied.

Pricing Structure – Rates for 2016

  • Yearly Subscription @ R1500 once off or R 125/Month debit order.
  • Once off Posting of an incident @ R125
  • Once off Request for a report on an individual or company @ R65